In the year 1997 under the able guidance of Mr. Vijay S. Patil and Mr. Balasaheb M. Hadawale, Priyanka Regency Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. has set its foot in the real estate arena. Group’s ascent in the real estate arena is legendary. With a booming and rising economy group has achieved many milestones with their unique and innovative thinking. All this has earned a strong reputation in a shorter period of time for the group.

Today Priyanka Regency Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Is an embodiment of innovative design and constriction technique across Navi Mumbai. And as the new branding standard group stands high in the competitive world and has created a line of residential & commercial edifices. With these projects.

A world wherein tradition of trust and reliability leads to customer satisfaction. Making its presence felt since 2003, Priyanka Regency has now become one of the leading Builders and Developers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Our formula for success is simple! We have a strong background in financial management with very strict financial discipline, policy of honest and transparent dealing and a mission to maintain mutually beneficial relationship with buyers.

The principal activity of the Priyanka Regency is development of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The company is well known and recognized by the style and name of Priyanka Regency and has been at the helm of the real estate industry for over five decades. Projects span the major metros and other areas of Navi Mumbai. Prestigious completed residential projects in Navi Mumbai. Ever since our establishment, we have worked hard to create a place of respect for ourselves in the field of land building and developing. This is ensured by the ever-growing list of satisfied customers. Priyanka Regency is here with our land developing and building expertise to make your quality home buying dreams fulfilled.

The creation of a truly custom Home is a process that demands more attention to detail and a greater capacity for listening to others' suggestions than simply building a house Mr. Balasaheb Maruti Hadawale & Mr. Vijay Sitaram Patil,founder of M/s. Priyanka Builders & Developers, has been a leader in creating award winning custom homes. Capturing the spirit of the architectural style, along with the home buyer’s dreams, is what has set M/s. Priyanka Builders & Developers apart from all others.

Our Motto

  • Achieve Customer Satisfaction
  • High Quality
  • Time Delivery
  • Total Transparency Deal
  • Low pricing